ECCU. On Line Coverage Report Portal

1Plus Security provides static and events security to the private security sector. The company can have over 100 employees working as security guards or stewards at events or at regular venues such as pubs and nightclubs. Other services it provides include key holding, mobile patrol security, retail security and car park security.


The company provides exemplary customer service and believes in leveraging technology to aid efficiency, add professional value and enhance the overall customer experience. Software Design was approached by 1Plus Security to develop and design a mobile app for Android that would offer greater transparency to customers during security shifts.


We delivered an app that showcases the design, vision, values and innovation of the company. It adheres to brand guidelines, maintains a focus on user experience and facilitates both employees and clients. The new app includes a GPS tracker so the location of employees can be monitored at all times whilst they are performing duties; and checklists to ensure employees meet minimum requirements for work. It also allows employees to log in and out so clients can track their status.


Other features include a customer feedback form for employees which is of particular interest to clients operating venues; and a notification alert which is used to verify the safety of static security guards.


The app integrates seamlessly with 1Plus Security’s CRM system.

E-commerce, UX design